Class of 2023

We are proud to introduce 8 new scholarship recipients. These students have been awarded a combined $260,000 in scholarships, which will be distributed as they progress in their studies.

Check out our recipients being surprised with their scholarships here. 

Meet our 2019 Scholarship Recipients

Jeremy Dawidowicz


Jeremy Dawidowicz, Northeast High School
Attending University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Business Management

“This is helping me further my dream of going to college and not have to worry about finances.”




Joshua Dawidowicz


Joshua Dawidowicz, Northeast High School
Attending University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Business

“When you’re willing to reach out to help others you’re able to make a difference. It feels amazing to be awarded for that.”







Icram Doku, Glen Burnie High School
Attending Anne Arundel Community College, Computer Science

“I’m so proud of what we accomplished in such a short time…to be able to help teens not fall in the traps of peer pressure. To have reached at least one person means the world.”






Delaney Hatfield, Northeast High School
Attending University of Tampa, Marine Science/Biology

“Personally it has meant a lot to be invited to a program where I can help students in my school and be a positive role model for others.”






Destiny Herrington, Glen Burnie High School
Anne Arundel Community College, Social Work

“I’m excited! This will help with college so much! Thank you to Mentor – without you pushing me, I wouldn’t have this honor.”






Sydney Makarovich
Attending Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University,

Aerospace Engineering

“I’m so grateful that all my hardwork has paid off. I’m thankful. I’ve really enjoyed spreading positivity and awareness.”





Kiara Mclendon, Old Mill Senior High School
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Political Science

“This money is a huge incentive for hard work throughout the year and wanting to help our community.”






Richard Nukpeta, Old Senior Mill High School
Attending Penn State University, Chemistry

“As high school students no matter how best we plan, there are many things we overlook financially when going college…books, transportation, family situations that arise…to receive this scholarship is a huge blessing! From my family to SFIG, thank you.”